Day 16: 05.29.2017

Today we went to Kirstenbosch which is a garden here in Cape Town where we had a chance to do some self-reflection and journaling. It reminded me a lot of Maymount. The entire place was absolutely beautiful and the weather was wonderful today; it got up to about 70 degrees. They had a canopy tree walk (pictured) which was beautiful. After, we went to the beach and played the drums with Pastor John (the pastor from the homeless shelter). Then, in honor of Memorial Day we had a braai which is a South African version of a barbecue. We had potato salad, couscous, vegetable salad, rolls, lamb and beef balls, lamb sausage, ostrich skewers, beef skewers, chicken skewers, veggie skewers, and malva pudding. I definitely recommend trying the malva pudding if you ever get the chance! It was amazing. Now we are all about to watch a movie together, and have a relaxing night!

Sorry I didn’t get pictures of the braai, my camera died. 😦


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