Day 15: 05.28.2017

Today was our last true “free day” (time is FLYING). We spent it doing a wine tour that lasted from 10-4 and consisted of five wineries with five wine tastings each. Personally, I only drank at the first winery, but the entire group loved most of the wines. The first winery paired one wine with a chocolate and another wine with a beef jerky (which is very different than American jerky, it’s more moist), the second winery paired all of their wines with different cheeses, the third winery served us lunch which consisted of beef sausage, chicken skewers, salad, potato salad, and a toasted mozzarella and tomato sandwich, the fourth winery paired four of their wines with chocolates, and the final winery paired one of their wines with an antelope jerky. Overall the day was good and only a few people got belligerent ;). I enjoyed the scenery and the company a lot! I’m looking forward to enjoying my last week here in Cape Town before heading to Botswana for the last part of my trip!


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