Day 14: 05.27.2017

Today was another free day, and unlike shark cage diving, today was successful! We went zip-lining at a place called Cape Canopy Tours and I 100% recommend them if you ever come to South Africa. The guides were so funny and nice, they made us all feel (pretty) safe, and they serve you a warm chicken, springbok, or spinach pie when you come back. The tour itself consisted of 11 lines, a swing bridge, and a steep 1 km hike back up. We got to and from the lines by a 4×4 which was pretty bumpy. Our guides, Luwayne and Gummy were so funny and did everything they could to make it fun for us. The views were amazing on all of the lines too. Today was fun, I just would have liked an optional shorter trip, 11 lines was a lot and it took about 5 hours, other than that it was a great day!

Here is a link to a video the team made for us…some not so pretty shots in here…


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