Day 12: 05.25.2017

Sorry that I’m running behind, yesterday was a long day! We spent the day on the “Baz Bus” which is a bus that drives you to scenic locations along the coast. We started the day on a boat to a small island that was covered with fur seals. They were all so cute, and the smaller ones were literally jumping out of the water. It was a beautiful ride out, and there was no sickness this time! After that we went to a scenic overlook where we all took pictures with the flag and had a snack. When we left there we went to a penguin colony on Boulder beach. This was my first time seeing penguins in their natural habitat so it was really cool to me! There were so many of them, and it is their breeding season so there were babies everywhere. After leaving there we went to the Cape Peninsula where we had the option to ride bikes to our lunch. Anyone that knows me well know that I had a traumatic experience when I was younger with bikes so I opted out of that trip ;). Our lunch was delicious, and then we went to an older lighthouse on the peninsula and hiked to the top. I’ve personally struggled with my physical fitness for the past few years, so reaching the top was a real accomplishment for me and the views were beautiful. From there, we hiked to the edge of the peninsula which can be seen in pictures. This peak is the most south-western point on the entire continent, and the closest I will ever be to Antarctica (maybe). After a short break, we went out to celebrate Kristen’s 21st birthday last night (another reason you didn’t get a blog post until today). Yesterday was a day full of fun, but also exhaustion. I’m still amazed by this country’s beauty and I am going to be extremely sad to leave.


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